FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know Safety Book works?

•Download the test report read it.

•Watch the video content (again) on this site. We wouldn't ask you just to take our word for it.

•Safety Book's core is spec'd by us, a proven polyethylene-based ballistic material from a Fortune 100 company, laid up by their premier approved vendor, and coated with a premium polyurea spray coating for a long service life. 

•Aside from our 7 years of first-hand experience with this material, we have had our product tested by a credible and nationally recognized research facility. This data and video is made available.  This is in addition to ongoing informal, first hand testing in our continuous effort to improve Safety Book.  So while you can take our word for it, you don't have to!

•Most importantly, we improve the odds for our own family with Safety Book.


Why not just carry a bullet proof backpack or insert?

•Every ballistic backpack and soft insert on the market only provides protection against pistol and shotgun rounds.  If you want to have protection from rifle rounds, you'll have to step up to Safety Book or dedicated body armor.

•Schools are increasingly not allowing students to access their backpacks during drills/lockdown/training...but they can usually grab a book.  A ballistic backpack won't protect from rifle rounds and won't do any good if left behind.

•If you're looking at any product with about a pound of ballistic material, it will not stop rifle rounds, period. They are good products, but they will not stop rifle rounds. Make sure you know what you want. 


How much does Safety Book weigh?

•Safety Book weighs about 4 lbs  and is 10” x 13” x .8”, about the same as a high school textbook.  If your child carries books now, he or she can carry safety book.


What is Safety Book made of?

•Safety Book is all composite material.  The core is the lightest ballistic material currently available, an advanced polyethylene panel.  The coating is a tried and true polyurea truck bed coating, giving it long lasting durability and moisture protection.  


Will Safety Book set off metal detectors?

•Safety Book contains no metal of any kind.


Why so "heavy"?

It's got to do with the physics of ballistics. It takes FOUR TIMES the amount of material to stop a rifle as a pistol, on average. There is a tremendous amount of kinetic energy, or momentum, in a rifle projectile.  ON AVERAGE, a rifle round has about triple the momentum of a pistol round, with even more penetrating power than that in many cases.  A rifle is simply a MUCH more serious threat to deal with.  We feel that if you want it, you and your loved ones deserve the very best protection available, just like our fantastic men and women who work in the military and law enforcement. If we were to use ballistic steel with this area, it would weight 10lbs...no one would carry it. 


How much does Safety Book cost?

•MSRP for Safety Book is $599.00 plus shipping, plus sales tax where applicable.  Our Early Bird/PreSale Pricing is only available for a limited time.


Why so "expensive"?

Again, it's the physics. It takes 4x the amount of material found in pistol/shotgun products that cost $125-200. Dealing with all that energy in a lightweight package is difficult and requires a state of the art material.  It could be done cheaper with ballistic steel but would weigh 10lbs instead of 4lbs like Safety Book. No one would carry it. It's about the same price as an XBoxOneX...which won't stop bullets.  It costs less than most smartphones, which also won't stop bullets.  It takes state of the art material to stop rifles and still be light enough for kids to carry.


How long will Safety Book last?

•If Safety Book is shot, you will need to replace it.

•The coating on Safety Book’s core is similar to that used in truck beds and offshore oil rigs. Expect a service life of 5 years or more. 

•I fully expect Safety Book to outlast me. That's not a warranty claim, but it is durable material.


What is the warranty on Safety Book?

•We warranty the appearance of the Safety Book core for 12 months. If the coating comes off on its own, send it back to us and we will recoat it, you just pay shipping.

•For as long as you own Safety Book, we will replace it if it gets used in an incident. Just send us verifiable proof, like a police and news report, and we’ll send you a new one totally free.

•If you shoot it in your back yard to see what it will do, you will be impressed…and you will have to pay to replace it.

•We test it so you know it works if a bullet hits it. It is designed to reduce risk, that's not a guarantee or promise that nothing bad can happen. If it's not between you and the bullet, it won't work. You can still get hurt, but you are MUCH better off with than without. Yes, we actually get questions like this so we're covering the bases.


How fast can I get my Safety Book?

•For in stock items, standard shipping times and rates apply. For out of stock items, typical lead times are 3-4 weeks. 


Where Can I Get Safety Book?

•We only ship Safety Book to the 50 United States, except Connecticut.

•You can also get Safety Book from several of our partners whose logos are on our home page. 


Can I get it in different colors or with different covers?

•We have several options for covers available. 

•The core will be available in different colors. Because of the low volume production costs, this will be a $50 upgrade. We are working to improve this in the future.


I don’t care what it looks like, can I get just the protective portion?

•Yes, just click that option when ordering and your Safety Book order will be discounted accordingly. It will come in the standard color unless you wish to upgrade.


Do you provide backpacks also?

•We are looking for a viable solution here. In the meantime, use your Safety Book with your own backpack, brief case, or duffel...and no one has to know.


Can you provide Safety Books with different protection levels?

•This can be done but the costs vary depending on volume, threat level, and testing/certification requirements. Contact us for details.