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Discrete Bullet Proof Protection for Your Loved Ones and You

Safety Book vs AR15

Unofficial Test of Safety Book Core vs AR15 @25 feet

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About Us

What is Safety Book?


•Safety Book goes in your child’s backpack and stays there

•Safety Book will stop all pistol rounds 

•Safety Book will stop most RIFLE rounds, a far more severe threat

•It will increase your child’s chance of coming out of an active shooter situation safely

•While it’s not 100% coverage, it improves the odds for your child

•Looks like an friendly, non-threatening story or text book

Why Safety Book


•Dramatic school shootings and the attention they get is rising

•Evil doers do not pay attention to laws or morals

•Evil increasingly uses rifles, having about 3x the energy of pistols

•Safety Book will be a CERTIFIED solution to this threat

•Only one is a friendly, non-threatening mitigation for this risk

•If the unthinkable happens, statistics will be of no comfort

•Put something everyday, between your child and evil

Improve Your Odds Today

We all pay for insurance, fire alarms, air bags and the like.  Why not be proactive with bullet proof safety equipment for the ones you love most?  Safety Book looks like a book but can work like body armor



How do I know Safety Book works?

•Safety Book's core is designed and spec'd by us, is a proven ballistic material from a Fortune 100 company, completed by their premier approved vendor, and coated with a premium polyurea spray coating for a long service life. 

•Aside from our 7 years of experience with this material and the informal test videos here, we are going to considerable expense to have our product tested AND CERTIFIED to Level III by the National Institute of Justice. This is well beyond the typical “tested to the standards of…” most competitors go to. 

•We improve the odds for our own kids with Safety Book

How much does Safety Book cost?

•MSRP for Safety Book is $599.00 plus shipping, plus sales tax where applicable.

How much does Safety Book weigh?

•Safety Book weighs just under 4 lbs with the cover. The core alone is around 3.6lbs and is 10” x 13” x .75”

How long will Safety Book last?

•If Safety Book is shot, you will need to replace it.

•The coating on Safety Book’s core is similar to that used in truck beds and offshore oil rigs. Expect a rough service life (not abuse) of 5 years or more. 

What is the warranty on Safety Book?

•We warranty the appearance of the Safety Book core for 12 months. If the coating comes off on its own, send it back to us and we will recoat it, you just pay shipping.

•For as long as you own Safety Book, we will replace it if it gets used in an incident. Just send us verifiable proof, like a police and news report, and we’ll send you a new one totally free.

•If you shoot it in your back yard to see what it will do, you will be impressed…and you will have to pay to replace it.

How fast can I get my Safety Book?

•For in stock items, standard shipping times and rates apply. For out of stock items, typical lead times are 3-4 weeks. We do offer multiple shipping options based on your desires.

Can I get it in different colors or with different covers?

•We have several options for covers available. We will be adding an option for you to send us your own cover art soon!

•The core will be available in different colors. Because of the low volume production costs, this will be a $50 upgrade. We are working to improve this in the future.

I don’t care what it looks like, can I get just the protective portion?

•Yes, just click that option when ordering and your Safety Book order will be discounted accordingly. It will come in the standard color unless you wish to upgrade.

Do you provide backpacks also?

•We are working to source a quality backpack we can put our name on. In the meantime, use your Safety Book with your own backpack, brief case, or duffel!

Can you provide Safety Books with different protection levels?

•This can be done but the costs vary depending on volume, threat level, and testing/certification requirements. Contact us for details.



•If, God forbid, your Safety Book is involved in an incident and is shot, protecting you or your loved one, provide proof - such as a news or police report - and we will replace it for free.

•If you lose it, shoot it yourself, or otherwise damage or destroy it, replacement cost is on you.

•Safety Book is a protective device, not a weapon - if you smack someone with it, that's on you.

•The warranty is on the protective core, the cover is a consumable and replacement costs are on you. When it wears out or you want a different one, we’ll be happy to help!

•Safety Book is tested and will be certified against all common ballistic threats. We are confident it works. Don’t expect Safety Book to work if it is not directly between the bullet and what you want to protect. It is a practical and effective tool to improve your odds when it is present and used correctly, it is not a magic talisman.

•Safety Book is not designed to stop armor piercing rounds. If you don’t know what that is or you feel the need for that, let us know.


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